Why this blog? Who am I?

I'm Matthew Turner. I'm from Bristol in England.

I've created this blog because there's a healthy amount of discussion on Twitter regarding the Detroit Lions, but not a huge amount from the UK, and not very much in a dedicated location. I've been a dedicated fan for just over 10 years, first being drawn to the Lions after the fabled 0-16 season.

As a person I love the underdog story. Having no affiliation with any team the in the US, I wanted to choose a team to support rather than being a neutral. Whilst the people around me would support storied franchises like the Packers, Raiders or Dolphins, or glory hunt by supporting the Patriots - I actively sought a team not doing well - in the hope that the dedication to that team and eventual success would be all the sweeter given the starting point.

A few things things stood out about the Lions for me, firstly, the history of Detroit in America. To me, it appears as America's beating heart of the early to mid part of the 20th century and is symbolic of the country as a whole. It also being the city of Motown further ingratiated to me that this was a city I wanted to get behind. It also helped that I love the team's uniforms in general.

The high point of my support for the team so far has to be the Stafford fake spike against Dallas in 2013. The comeback in the fourth quarter to be finished off in such an incredible way was amazing to me. A close second would be watching Lions @ Falcons in Wembley stadium, and facing a 21-0 HT deficit only to overturn this for a 22-21 win on a re-taken field goal as time expired. My throat was so hoarse after that game - Perhaps I'll share the video of my celebration in the stadium in due time.

The low point was without doubt the non-call for defensive pass interference in the Wild Card game in 2014 season, again against Dallas. That it was so blatant and missed was devastating to me as a (now) long suffering fan.

My current favourite player on the roster has to be Matt Stafford. He's been the best player on the team (even with Megatron when he was here) since he was drafted, and continues to perform at an incredibly high level even when a lot of the fan-base feels down on him. He was in the MVP discussion last year before the broken back, and I fully expect that to repeat in the 2020 season. Other favourites include Kenny Golladay and Romeo Okwara.

Hopefully this provides you, dear reader, some background about the reasons for the blog and about me as a fan. Please get involved, I would welcome any and all comments about my views or to improve the blog as a whole.

Restore the Roar!


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