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Detroit Lions Draft Opinion Piece - Amon-Ra St.Brown

I'm back and I've got four words for you:




No these aren't the names of long lost Pharaohs or emperors or the three wise men who came bearing gifts for baby Jesus this is just another extremely talented footballing family.

Equanimeous is a wide receiver just a stone's throw away in Green Bay, Osiris still has another season of college eligibility - he's currently a Stanford Cardinal, and the youngest brother of the trio Amon-Ra is the topic of this article and Detroit's newest toy on the offense. The former USC Trojan fell to the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft and we pulled the trigger so let's get to know him a little better...

Definitions of Amon-Ra

• noun

Egyptian sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged; principal deity during Theban supremacy.

The Anaheim Hills, California native has spent the majority of his life in the state, he went to the prestigious Mater Dei high school in Cali. The Monarchs are a footballing powerhouse when it comes to HS gridiron, he attended x3 programs altogether throughout his middle school life and amassed 154 receptions for 2922 yards and 44 touchdowns which achieved him the prestigious 5-star rating for college recruitment.

The lean 6ft pass-catcher made the easy decision to stay home and turned down the likes of Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama and Arizona State for the Trojans of Southern California which play their home games in the majestic LA Memorial Stadium which houses nearly 100,000 fans!

Between 2018 and 2020 Amon-Ra led the PAC-12 conference in receptions with (178) and receiving yards with (2270), in a shortened COVID-19 hit 2020 season he was still the biggest threat in the conference with (41) receptions and (7) touchdowns.

It's easy to understand why he has a big chip on his shoulder and is so determined who else here is the youngest of 3 brothers? Always playing catch up and getting picked on while growing up is a perfect recipe for breeding competitiveness then throw in the factor they all play the same sport and same position! For the rest of their days, the St.Brown brothers will be compared and scrutinised for what they achieve on and off the field with only 3 years between the eldest and youngest.

Let's go a generation back now, John St.Brown just happens to casually be a x3 time Mr.World and x2 time Mr.Universe as well as their father so from the minute they took their first breath it was already determined they would be mentally and physically strong boys who thrive off competition. He wanted them to stand out which explains the names a sun god, a god of the underworld (Osiris) and Equanimeous comes from equanimity - which is defined in the dictionary as “evenness of mind especially under stress.”

If you've made it this far then let's look to the future and what he will bring to Lions...

Despite his slender 6 foot frame he's stronger than he looks and a very willing blocker this article pairs well with our film review ( he will willingly engage a defender and attack at the line of scrimmage which came from a scheme that was heavy on the screen passes which gave the person not catching the ball added responsibility and he excelled at it.

His route running is smoother than luxury 3-ply toilet roll he operates best on short to intermediate routes working in traffic so ins, outs, drags and hitches he has a real knack for finding soft zones in coverage and sitting down waving a little white flag telling the QB 'I'm open I'm open' his deep game needs a little work and his route tree expanding but that will come with time and experience.

In a mixed bag of receivers and a quarterback who will be in desperate need of a reliable target in his first year the likes of Amon-Ra have an opportunity to fill their plate at the buffet and come back for seconds we've no established WR1 but lots of 2s and 3s but for a rookie that's not necessarily a bad thing I personally think he could have a stellar season as predicted by his older brother ES.B who will be his biggest fan and bitter rival.

My prediction for Amon-Ra St.Brown rookie season is 30-40 receptions, 450-550 yards and 4 touchdowns working from the slot and finessing the branches of his route tree. This is a prediction floor for production he could and should surpass this with ease if given the targets.

Brad Holmes and the Rams made a thing of making sure they found value in the middle rounds of the draft and that's one of many reasons the Lions gave him the keys to Ford Field and this is the first test of that theory, will the 15 other WR taken before him flatter to deceive like in recent years and we got a steal or will his limited home run potential justify his slide.

Only time will tell but he's certainly going to be fun to watch in a new look Anthony Lynn offense!

Thanks for reading everyone, peace out ✌🏻

Ryan McCluskey


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Ash, thank you so much for doing these. You and the rest of the ROTL UK gang are fantastic!


Jerimy Walker
Jerimy Walker
Apr 30, 2023

Greetings, I was glad to listen to your interesting interview. The season went really well. I liked the quality of your broadcast, which application did you use for this? Is it on this list? I just want to do live broadcasts

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