State of the Franchise - Part 3: Overview

My first article in a build up to the draft is an in-depth look into the state of the Lions franchise, looking at the roster as it stands after the first wave of free agency.

This final section is a review of the first two sections, giving the grades at each position, the overall grade and the major takeaways, heading into the draft.

My next article will then use these takeaways to build the targets for the draft.

Offense overall B

Quarterbacks A-

Running Backs C+

Full Back C

Tight Ends C+

Wide Receivers A

Centres A-

Guards D

Offensive Tackles C+

Defense overall C+

Defensive Ends C+

Defensive Tackles D+

Linebackers B-

Cornerbacks B-

Safeties C+

Special Teams overall B+

Team overall grade B-.


The offense has the personnel at QB, RB, WR and TE to win in this league, the offensive line is suspect and lacks star quality and production but has plenty of medium level depth.

The defense has the same issue as the O-line. Plenty of depth at a mediocre level, but very few playmakers or real quality. It's the sort of defense that you feel Bill Belichick could coach to no.1 in the league however, so part of the problem has to be scheme and coaching too.

Main gaps on the roster (in no particular order):


OG (starter)



A wrecking ball on the defensive line could paper over a lot of cracks whilst protecting Stafford has to be the other main aim. Scheme the defense better generally.

Any thoughts on the above, anywhere you think I'm right, or wrong, please let me know in the comments below!


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