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At twenty to one this morning UK time, the glorious news we were all hoping to hear broke. Our almighty lord of offence Ben Johnson is returning to lead Goff and company into battle. Yes, I am being very hyperbolic but that is what news of this kind deserves.

So why is this such great news? In 2021, our offence was 25th in points, 22nd in yards and 29th in DVOA. In 2022, it was 5th in points, 4th in yards and 5th in DVOA. This was a drastic improvement in only his first year as an OC when traditionally it takes until the second season for improvements to be seen. This was with our most explosive player (Jamo) out for most of the season, a revolving door at guard, and the team only scoring 6 points in a two-game stretch. Imagine what he could do with a now fully in-the-zone Goff, a healthy Jamo, stability at RG, and a whole lot of confidence. I'll tell you what he could do: Alim. McNeill. Fullback. Dive.

While we have delayed heartbreak for another year, we need to sort out a succession plan in case Ben leaves next year. In a best-case scenario, we'll be able to promote from within (I'm looking at you, Tanner Engstrand). I know people might suggest Duce as a possible option, but he has enough on his plate with the Assistant Head Coach role in my opinion. However, if Dan decides to look outside the organisation, one name who makes sense is Saints' QB coach Ronald Curry, who will be getting OC experience at this year's Senior Bowl (sound familiar?).

This year of stability at OC will not only give Goff and the team the best chance to challenge for the North in my opinion but will also allow Dan and the front office time to work out what to do if and when he leaves. What do you think the plan should be, and what do you think the offence's ceiling could be now we know who will be calling plays next season? Let us know in the comments/replies.


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Comments (2)

Ash, thank you so much for doing these. You and the rest of the ROTL UK gang are fantastic!


Jerimy Walker
Jerimy Walker
Apr 30, 2023

Greetings, I was glad to listen to your interesting interview. The season went really well. I liked the quality of your broadcast, which application did you use for this? Is it on this list? I just want to do live broadcasts

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